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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us?
At Timeless Wedding Films & Photos we believe that every couple is unique and that every wedding has a different story to tell. We're here to tell that story on film & in photos to create timeless memories that you'll love watching and seeing over and over again. Weddings aren’t a walk in the park, but if you have the right team with the right energy, you’ll enjoy every moment! We take care of you on the day of that’s for sure!

1) With Timeless Wedding Films you will get a Timeless Cinematic Hollywood Production for a wedding film. Your Photos will be Timeless and the opposite of ordinary. We capture each couple’s story with perfection in mind.

2) You'll also be getting the most fun, easy to work with videographers & photographers that will ensure your special day goes flawlessly and with style! Camera shy? Don't even worry, only expert videographers & photographers know how to shoot flawlessly and make you feel comfortable at the same time. Want direction? That’s what we're here for too! We will direct you every step of the way to perfect your film/photos.

3) Fast and reliable delivery - One thing that most photographers and videographers dont tell you, is that they will take months on months to get back to you with the edited productions. The wedding team I used for my wedding told us 10 months before we get any videos & photos. And this information was only mentioned after the wedding while we waited. Once they have your money, they don't care. At Timeless Wedding Films + Photos, we make it a top priority to get all your edited productions done within 2 months. Yes, that's right, 2 months. We work fast and often deliver before a month even, and we do this because we care. The longer you wait to edit something, the less magical the end result is. We take all our clients special day seriously because your wedding is a once in a lifetime type of day, and we truly understand that.

What benefit is there to book both photography + videography together?
Capturing special moments on your wedding day is our main job. This can only be done seamlessly if photography + videographers are from the same company and team. This tells you that we’ve shot 100s of weddings together - we don’t get in eachothers ways, and we work FAST and EFFICIENTLY together. This results in MORE quality photos, and BETTER films for you in the end. Whenever photography + videography are from seperate companies, they tend to not work together as well as they could. Only true veterans in the industry have great teamwork skills and can work with anybody.

What style would you say you guys use for photography?
Our photographers capture ordinary moments and turn them into timeless photos that never fade with time. Our colours are bright and airy, and we enjoy shooting with natural light. We use your engagement shoot to get to know you as a couple more, so we can perfect shooting your relationship on the wedding day. Everything you is important to us. We enjoy a mixture of candid, along with posed shots, but at the same time, if you have your own preference, we are flexible and allow suggestions as well! This is YOUR wedding day, and we want to do whatever we can to make it just perfect for you!

What style would you say you guys use for Videography?
Our videographers love storytelling. We capture emotions and really display your unique relationship on camera. We tend to gear towards shooting more of a candid style, we love being ninjas and ghosts on your special day. But at the same time we are flexible and if you want direction, if you want specific posed shots, we are all for it as well. You'll find we can adapt to any preference you'd like and still create a masterpiece by the end of it!

What types of Cameras do you use for Video?
We shoot with the top of the line 4K cinema cameras, Panasonic GH5s for video!

Do you use stabilizers?
We shoot with monopods, tripods and Gimbals which help us create those seamlessly smooth shots. We also use top of the line in body stabilization and in lens stabilization as well! No shaky camcorder footage here.

What about Audio?
High quality audio is extremely important to us. We have 3 high quality recorders in total, all with high end Tram Lav microphones which produce only the highest of quality in audio. We record straight from the DJ mixer board, and we also put recorders on the Groom and on the podium during the reception! No worries about audio issues from us ever!

Do we get DVDS or BLURAYS?
All of our clients always get the downloadable files of the wedding films, this is the fastest form of delivery. However, if you do request DVD or BLURAYS, we can definitely add this into your custom package for you.

How do you choose the music for our wedding?
We are 100% flexible with all music choices, we take our time and get your input on what songs you love and we go with just that. We understand every couple has their own songs that reflects them and so we let you tell us what songs to go with! We also take the time to acquire those songs you choose, which consist of usually about 10-20 songs in total.

What is highlight video/film?
A highlight film is our bread and butter. Its your wedding story highlighted to your song (4-8 mins). We take all the important and best parts of the day, and spin it to a unique cinematic wedding film that encapsulates everything between you and your new husband/wife on your wedding day!

What is the long feature video/film?
The long feature film is the film that encompasses the whole day into one sitting. It can be anywhere between 20-120 minutes in length. Some couples like to have shorter long features, and others like to have 2 hour long features. We are flexible and cater to whatever you want. Just let us know, and we will create the timeless wedding film that suits your time-frames!

What areas do you shoot in? Do you shoot outside of the GTA?
We shoot everywhere within the greater toronto area free of travel fees. This includes Toronto, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke and North York. We shoot outside the GTA too, however anywhere outside of these cities is subject to a travel fee.

How long does it usually take you to finish editing our videos, photos and films?
We pride ourselves of having the best editing times in the industry, where most videographers will take 6-12 months to return any edited footage, we take only 2 months longest. Even though we say 2 months, most of our clients always get it within weeks of the wedding. If you have the express delivery package, your wedding photos/films are expedited to 1 week delivery!

How far in advance should we book you?
Most of our clients book us 8-14 months in advance in order to secure their date. However, we also have last minute clients that get lucky sometimes. The earlier you book, the better because it secures the date for you!

How many weddings a year do you guys film?
We limit the number of weddings we do to 40 weddings a year. We believe in quality and consistency, and this is the perfect number we've worked with in the past that ensures all our clients get the best quality no matter what.

Do you travel internationally and do destination weddings?
Yes we definitely do destination weddings, if you are interested in our promotional discounts for destination weddings, contact us for our current specials!

Do you use lighting for video?
We only use lighting when we absolutely need to, we find lighting is only needed during the dancing time, or sometimes when receptions don’t have spotlights for speeches, but other than that, we always try not to use additional lighting, but always have it just in case!

Do you have backup cameras?
We definitely always carry backup cameras, you never know when something can go wrong!

What are Same Day Edits and Do you do Same Day Edits?
Same Day Edits are short highlights that are about 3-5 minutes in length that are shown during the reception. This highlight includes engagement shots, along with morning prep shots, wedding ceremony and photoshoot/park shots. This Same Day Edit is usually shown for the guests so they could be apart of the special day if they weren’t there, also for the Bride and Groom to see one another getting ready the morning of as well! And yes we do Same Day Edits, but this package is a custom package that requires special quoting depending on the special needs of the clients! So contact us for more info!

Do you direct us throughout the photoshoot or like to shoot candid?
We are extremely flexible. Professional videographers/photographers know how to work perfectly with each different couple. Some couples might be camera shy and so we make you feel comfortable and get candid shots. Some couples might be outgoing and love the camera in which case we'd direct as much as possible. Whatever the clients personalities are, we tend to shoot accordingly! Either way, we will be getting a timeless story for both of you by the end of the day!

How long after will you have our wedding films/videos/photos for?
We store and hold your finished wedding films + photos forever. If you ever lose them, you can still come to us and we can get you a copy no problem! 

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